RME Digi 9652 (Alsa question)


i have installed Ubuntu Studio 9,10. It has automaticly configured the rme card and ardour is working fine.

but i am missing the options like prefered sych source and so on… i am looking for the spot, where to change those
options, not jackd setup options:

mark@noname:~$ cat /proc/asound/R15/rme9652
RME Digi9652 (Rev 1.5) (Card #1)
Buffers: capture f3600000 playback f2c00000
IRQ: 18 Registers bus: 0xef000000 VM: 0xf85ea000
Control register: 24402f

Latency: 8192 samples (2 periods of 32768 bytes)
Hardware pointer (frames): 0
Passthru: no
Clock mode: autosync
Pref. sync source: ADAT1

ADAT1 Input source: ADAT1 optical

IEC958 input: Coaxial
IEC958 output: Coaxial only
IEC958 quality: Consumer
IEC958 emphasis: off
IEC958 Dolby: off
IEC958 sample rate: 48000

ADAT Sample rate: 48000Hz
ADAT1: Sync
ADAT2: No Lock
ADAT3: No Lock

Timecode signal: no
Punch Status:

1: off 2: off 3: off 4: off 5: off 6: off 7: off 8: off
9: off 10: off 11: off 12: off 13: off 14: off 15: off 16: off
17: off 18: off 19: off 20: off 21: off 22: off 23: off 24: off
25: off 26: off

thanks for any hint… regards, Mark

@flying_sorcerer: what do you mean by “i am missing the options …”? Do you mean that you don’t know how to control them? If so then (1) all ALSA controls can be manipulated with the command line too amixer (2) you will likely find it easier to install the GUI tool “hdspconf” and use that.

within ubuntu studio is RME digi controll installed, but unfortunately when i start it, it says “no rme device found”, also in the alsa mixer i could noct find any rme related options for the card. before i used suse 11.0 which at least gave me a little something within the alsa mixer to set synch source and stuff…

i thought that there is an configuration file, where i can manually change all the available options

@flying_sorcerer: you can use alsactl -f foobar store to generate a config file and alsactl -f foobar restore to reload an edited (or unedited) version. “foobar” should be replaced by the name of the file you want to store the configuration in. I am not sure why the GUI tool isn’t working - its possible that its been hacked so that it no longer works on a digi9652, only the HDSP series. That would be a shame.

i have now found the file asound.state and had a look at it… it looks very nice to me… isn`t there a file, where all those options get saved to… maybe you can please tell me which file i need to edit, to for set the rme for example as word clock master etc…

last time when i did decided to buy this card i searched the Internet to get more information about for example those sync settings within linux and rme. and i have found a posting somewhere i cant remember anymore

sry to bother you, but maybe you can help me… thanks and regards

i think i have found it… when i type “amixer”, i get an output of all current settings like “clocksource” or “WordclockMaster” and so on…
i have then tryied amixer -?, i will have a look on how to use the commandline amixer thing and hope to be able to change some settings this way

this is just a big pain, maybe some one can tell me what i am doing wrong, please?
i first made this:

mark@noname:~$ amixer scontrols
Simple mixer control ‘IEC958 Input Connector’,0
Simple mixer control ‘IEC958 Output also on ADAT1’,0
Simple mixer control ‘IEC958 Sample Rate’,0
Simple mixer control ‘ADAT1 Input Source’,0
Simple mixer control ‘ADAT1 Sync Check’,0
Simple mixer control ‘ADAT2 Sync Check’,0
Simple mixer control ‘ADAT3 Sync Check’,0
Simple mixer control ‘Channels Thru’,0
Simple mixer control ‘Passthru’,0
Simple mixer control ‘Preferred Sync Source’,0
Simple mixer control ‘Sync Mode’,0
Simple mixer control ‘Timecode Valid’,0

then i have made this, but i do get an error message:

mark@noname:~$ amixer cset cID Sync Mode 1
Wrong control identifier: cID

because i dont know how to properly type the command i probably get this message…
does some one know how i have to type this command properly?

OK, i did it…

mark@noname:~$ amixer sset ‘Sync Mode’ Master
Simple mixer control ‘Sync Mode’,0
Capabilities: enum
Items: ‘AutoSync’ ‘Master’ ‘Word Clock’
Item0: ‘Master’