Reverb Sidechain

I’m new to Ardor and my question is how can I do Sidechain Reverb on a voice?

Sorry, misuderstood the question :grimacing:

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Can you explain what you mean by sidechain reverb? The way I am familiar with the use of the term sidechain it means using one signal to control a plugin for a separate signal, for example some parts are processed with a compressor, but instead of using the input signal to control the compressor you connect a separate track, maybe bass or drums to the compressor so that the bass or drums controls the compression of a different track.

How are you using the term sidechain in the context of reverb?

I imagine the OP is referring to a technique where an effect, like delay or reverb, is triggered by a sidechain. This is sometimes used on vocals so that whilst the singer is performing, the effect is disabled to prevent the effect overpowering the vocals, but when the singer stops, the effect is enabled to create trails.

The way I have seen to do this is to create a bus containing the reverb and then follow this with a compressor that is side-chained. The vocal channel is then sent to this bus and to the side-chain.

The reverb is set to maximum, because you control the amount of reverb by controlling the send level.

However, if you side-chain directly into the reverb, this will turn on the reverb when the vocal signal is present, and turn it off at the end. This is the opposite of what you want.

That’s why you add a compressor after the reverb. This uses the vocal signal to control how much of the wet reverb signal gets through.



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To answer the question, and to demo this, I created a small video:




Muchas Gracias Keith Milner por el dato y ojala subas videos como estos y ya te sigo en YouTube GRACIAS

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