Recording from script provide noise instead of silent

Dear community,

Some time back I got a script from you that record from an Adour project and export a file at the end, the script works but the problem happens when there is no input (silent) the exported file output is just very high noise.

I tried with the GUI and I can see that the noise happens if I select “CD Red Book” format which is the default but there is no noise if I exported with “Wave @ Session-rate”.

Is it possible inside lua script to change the exported format of the simple-export? or is it possible to change the default export format?

I assume you record some low-level noise, and export using a preset that normalizes gain.

You can use presets.

A preset is a collection of one or more export-formats. This way multiple output files can be produced in one go.

The “wav” preset uses format “Wav (Tagged)”, which does not normalize. You have to specify the UUID of the preset which you can get from the .preset file [1].

As follow up to the script from Rec & export from lua cmd

e = s:simple_export()
e:set_preset ("75969a1c-3133-4694-864b-a1fa50e43348")

(by default simple-export uses the “CD only” preset [2]. That uses the “CD (Red Book)” format which normalizes to digital peak).


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