Question about commandline/scripting possibilities

Hi all,
I am new here and looking at Ardour to see if it can do something I need.
Here is what I want to achieve:
I want to record two stereo (or one 4channel) audio track plus a MIDI track. I know that is not a problem.
I want to be able to launch Ardour from another program, have it automatically start the recording of the three tracks with “standard” settings stored in a session template, save the result to a file and stop recording and exit the program again from the controlling program. The filename/foldername whatever to store the session files should be supplied by the launching program (ideally), I could live with it being automatically created in case it contains date and time stamps.

Does this seem possible?

Many thanks

Programs with a graphical user interface are not easily “automated”. You should look at some commandline programs, there probably is some that can do what you want. Sorry I don’t have a solution for you, but you can check these: sox, ecasound, arecord, even FFmpeg should be able to record audio. Recording midi in sync with audio might be a challenge though.

It’s unclear what you mean. Do you want an ardour session as result? or the raw audio+MIDI files?

If the latter, then you might be better off with a simple recording app, not a fully fledged DAW
(although you could grab the raw files directly from ardour’s session folder).

Yes, Ardour comes with a commandline Lua interpreter ardour6-lua that can run interactively, or execute predefined scripts. for example to setup the audio-system and play a session:


backend = AudioEngine:set_backend("ALSA", "", "")

session = load_session ("/tmp/TestSession", "TestSession")
assert (session)

-- rewind then start playback at speed 1.0
session:request_transport_speed (1.0, true, ARDOUR.TransportRequestSource.TRS_UI)

-- play for 4 minutes
ARDOUR.LuaAPI.usleep (4 * 1000000) 

You can create new sessions, add tracks, rec-arm them … and record. The following example may come in handy to piece things together: (also other example scripts

but for a simpler headless hard-disk recorder this may all be overkill. YMMV


many thanks for your responses! Looks promising!
Does the lua scripting also work in Windows environment?

Yes. The Ardour6 binary also comes with ardour6-lua.exe (Usually: C:\Program Files\Ardour6\bin\ardour-6-lua.exe

I’ve tested this to run interactively in a cmd.exe terminal, but I don’t know if of how it can be used as script-file interpreter (there’s probably no shebang (#!) equivalent).

Maybe you can simply pipe commands into it from your controlling app?!

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