Plugins for Ardour on Windows?

I have tried a number of plugins with Ardour 3 on Windows. Ardour will not accept any of them. Can anyone point me to some plugins supported by Ardour?

What type of plugin did you try? Examples of things that did not work? How did you try to insert the plugin?


I don’t remember all the plugins I tried. It was a bunch of VST plugins, from many different sites. I went to Edit > Preferences > Plugins. Then I added the path where I dumped the VST’s and selected “Scan for Plugins”. I could see by the output that it detected the plugins, but it didn’t actually add them to the list of installed plugins, leading me to believe that they were incompatible.

The most likely problem is that you installed 32-bit VST’s, but you are running a 64bit Ardour. Or vice-versa.

I’m having the same problem.
So, 32 bit VST will not run in 64 bit Ardour ?
I’ll research what VST and bit and report back

Correct, 32 bit plugins will not run in any 64 bit host, unless the host implements so-called “bridging” technology. We have no plans to do so.

All my 64 bits plugins works fine on Ardour4 so it’s a pb of 32 bits vst lpugins.
Maybe you could try these softwares:

Also for Mac os X :

Sometimes its just a “refresh” in the plug-in manager.

I cannot load 32bits plugins, only 64bits plugins. (Same in logic pro X)
You must use 64bits plugins or “bridges” 32 to 64

I noticed the installation for Windows didn’t provide as much plugins as the Linux version. Am I missing something?