Please help a simpleton understand punch recording modes

I’m trying to understand punch recording modes. I suspect this is clearly explained in the manual, but I cannot find it. Let’s say I have a recording, but measures 2 and 3 have a mistake. I’d like to go over these two measures, re-recording them as I go. But I would get a better result if I could hear the context in measure 1, just before the measures I’m replacing. Since my re-recording may have mistakes as well, I’d like to loop this process. I think I’ve seen this in some other DAW, maybe Logic?

It seems natural to have a loop enclosing a punch range. But that doesn’t seem to work in Ardour 7.4.0, at least. The section on Punch Recording Modes is quite sparse, so I’m not sure what is meant here.

Does it work to put the erring measures in another track, a duplicate of the original, loop everything, intro and outro context as needed in the original track and the replaced stuff moved to the new track. That seems like it might work, though I haven’t tried it. Seems cumbersome.

Thanks, and I apologize if I’ve wasted your time asking an obvious question.

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It sounds like you’re asking about Comping
There are a few posts on here regarding comping.
This google site search yields a few results: OR OR comping - Google Search
The manual has an empty page titled “Punch Recording Modes” that may yield an answer in the future.
For now the manuals section on ‘Punch Range’ seems to offer the most information The Ardour Manual - Punch Range

There is a forum post here that might start you down the right path:

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