PayPal fining $2500 in their user agreement! WTH?

They apparently reinstated this $2500 fine in November. I closed my account over this. I will NEVER USE PP AGAIN!
If this is ALL Ardour will use, then guess what? I’m OUT! There’s plenty of other DAW’s out there that use better pay methods. Like Harrison MB, Reaper, etc. Go WOKE, GO BROKE! FREE SPEECH!

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There is so many reasons as for why I chose to use ardour compared to other DAWs.
So if other ones work for you then that is amazing.

It is possible to pay via paypal without a paypal account that is what I do so yeah…

Personally how I pay for software is not a big enough of a downside to completely avoid the software. If it is that big of a deal you could just pay a one time donation instead of monthly.

Especially with all the benefits that can be gained using the software.

Also there is a decent amount of places that do paypal only so yeah…

If Ardour bank account is based in US, I would recommend them to have

This topic has been discussed many times in multiple threads.

See About Subscriptions

I don’t like PayPal either, but I love Ardour - which is the only reason why I’m keeping my PayPal account.

Maybe when they go international they can be an alternative to paypal, but for a small company like Ardour to suddenly change how customers pay must be risky. Just replacing PayPal with service X doesn’t seem a real option.

But adding a few select payment methods to the existing might not hurt? There are services like which Ubuntu Studio amongst others are using.


Can you cite the text regarding the fine?

PolitiFact says PayPal doesn’t fine you for spreading misinformation

Maybe PayPal should fine people who are spreading misinformation about their user agreement…


OT… Peder can you set up a Politifact thin client kiosk at every voting booth in the US tomorrow…? :unamused:

I wish I could but I don’t think I can get a visa that fast.
Besides, the type of voters who really should use them appear to be mostly immune to facts.


It wouldn’t do any good. Americans will dismiss a fact as ‘fake news’ before they will consider that their beliefs, founded and forged by made-up nonsense, could be wrong.


Liberapay is built on top of PayPal. You have to have a PayPal account to support someone.

At least according to this page an alternative to PayPal is available I can’t say if that is better or worse or just different.

Paul has noted (in other areas of this forum) there needs to be an invoice system to associate specific transactions with a specific user, and it needs to operate in multiple countries. It doesn’t look to me like this service offers either, but I am no expert on this. I will say, though, that their website looks…not-robust.

Funny to me that people have such a strong dislike for PayPal over false claims, and yet would recommend a payment processing service run by a white supremacist felon:


Compared to PayPal, Stripe has a vastly worse international coverage. To give you idea, I used to live in a country that is not supported by Stripe. I recently moved two thousand kilometers away to a whole different country and I still cannot create a Stripe account.

The only option I see here is using some sort of either cloud-based or on-premise processing gateway that gives users some choice over the payment system and is convenient to both users and Paul for monthly payments that go as low as $1. I seriously doubt this will be a drop-in replacement, too.

Alternatively, users could just do what has always been an option for them: do a one-time payment with a credit/debit card. AFAIK, this will give them free binary builds for both point releases and the next major (e.g. 8.0) release.

A one time payment actually does get a license here is a photo showing that option on the website. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Both of your comments in this single thread are falsehoods. No one here can stop you from going for the hat trick of fallacy. You alone posses the power to pause before your next comment and spend a minute or two checking its veracity.


Don’t break the rules, don’t pay the fine, if there even is one, which I highly doubt because that would be illegal to begin with!

Here’s some free speech for you: Go back to school and learn some critical and logical thinking skills, so you don’t have to rely on believing whatever nonsense you just so happen to come across, and get your panties all in a knot over untruth, and then make a fool of yourself!

Ok I am going to remind everyone to NOT make personal attacks. It is fine to debate the issue but when you tell people personally they need to do something in a way that is demeaning to them, that crosses a line.


To be fair to PayPal, I often get emails purporting to come from them which are clearly fakes. But having said that, their T&C’s change constantly and often contain dubious (even onerous) clauses which you’re not allowed to opt out of. I stopped using them years ago.

Let me add my two cents.

I have big doubts about PayPal too.

This idea that they may take your money is bad.
And the fact that they unilaterally create and bend the rules is not reassuring.
You can read in their website the rules, and some are really vague, and can in principle be adapted to arbitrary decisions :-/

Moreover, I live in a country where I can not link my bank account to PayPal, and my only option is to send money to a friend abroad, who pays for me via his PayPal account.

This is another reason for disliking it.

I have read about the intricacies of the payment system, so I deal with the situation, and I will continue to be willing to support Ardour. If PayPal is the only way, I will deal with it.

I just hope that it will be possible to find other channels, in the future… :wink:

I am a big fan of cryptocurrencies!

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Why not offer a classic wire transfer?

I understood the reason is that this does not support an automation interface for transaction, download etc.

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