Payment request beforehand?

I’ve found a way to donate my 20€. I gave the money and my login data to a friend and he has done it via his paypal account.
It would be better for all european users without paypal, to find an easier way. Maybe a friend of Paul can handle it…


bluesnik - Just out of curiosity, why won’t you have a Paypal account?

If your only experience of Paypal is from its tie-up with Ebay you’re probably right to be cautious. The combination of Paypal’s charges and Ebay’s charges is draconian for Ebay purchases. In fact I’ve stopped using Ebay for that very reason. At one point, their combined fees came to over 20 percent to the purchase price!!

But for general movements of money from one person to another, Paypal is very convenient and cheap. I don’t think there’s any drawback to having a Paypal account if you only use it for that purpose.

I won’t use paypal donation
is there a possibility to do a donation, without using paypal?
I’m a german user with no paypal account (and I won’t have one) but this is one of the rarely moments, I have 20 € over. I really want to supply this fantastic piece of free and open software. Please provide a banking account, where I can do a bank transfer to. If possible and senseful. It makes no sense, if the bank earns 80% of 20€ for transfer costs. I think, they have already enough xD

Currently I’m testing A3 beta4 and awaiting the opensuse obs is building a rpm with beta5. Since the integration of MIDI editing, A3 gives me all I need for homerecording my old style music :slight_smile:

Thank you Paul and all helpers.

Paul can answer this better than I can as he has more recent experience with the bank transfer system in the EU, but in general the US has not caught up to that level of interaction between banks here, so it is doubtful you would be able to do that sadly.

I am also not a fan of paypal, but I should point out that I believe you can make a donation through paypal via a credit card, without having a paypal account.