open for extra tracks/parts

…and you were the to pick up on it.
I had quite a project going, exrra part added to fit some of your riffs, 2nd voice to your ‘theme’, solo from me and you cut up and tastefully rearranged between recurrences of theme… gone! But could be recreated. I am slowly getting back on my feet, have a worn out dualcore as a gift, used to maintain it for an old lady, more reliable is an old celeron laptop donated by a couchsurfing guest who’s doing up old computer hardware for free in Romania, looks like it might last another 10 years, and is running KXStudio 14.04 so well that I might use this distro for non-music work as well, least bloated KDE implementation I’ve seen, and the donor (who’s a windoze guy) is impressed what free software can do on old hardware.
So I focus on 4.7 now and might or might not get 5.9 working, if I want, I have the 5 series with AVlinux on the dualcore machine anyway. Sometimes it works to stick some needed newish libraries with the bundled libs and get this custom bundle to run in, say, a previous generation distro. Butcher’s Backport. Main reason I would want it, anyway, is to check out the ping plugin :slight_smile:

So, this thread is not over yet, but currently I am looking at the goings-on at and around , where presentation and interchange of music seem to happen more , the amateur vibe there is a nice relief from the pro demeanor that tends to pervade the entire biz.

All the best & thanks for moral support :slight_smile: ,


pong, not ping plugin, anyway.
Have just done a project that gets to the limits of the old Dell Inspiron 1300 and its Celeron 1.5GHz single core CPU. But there are glitches not related to period size and complexity, i.e. when the power management dims the screen. Any insights? KXStudio 14 not updated=3.13 rt kernel. Bootmsgs include some module complaining it can’t stat /proc/somethingtodowithcpumodes, this Celeron still hasn’t got SpeedStep, hence no driver to populate the relevant /proc nodes. So if a process with a high priority and too long a timeout would try to access them, it could produce glitches. But I am guessing here and would be interested in real experience. noacpi seems to help, but again, I’m guessing, since I haven’t systematically tested … just wanted to finish that project! And I begin wondering if in musical collaboration, we’ll eventually need a concise toolchain to reproduce results - this kernel, that distro, this ardour, that plugin version from this repo. I am exaggerating a bit, but there’s a trend. I definitely worry more about ardour<->plugin crashes now then with ubuntu wily & ardour3 & some kxstudio extras. But there’s a chance for improvement if I get to update my current kxstudio distro, ubuntuish install isos are often abandoned children as soon as they’re born, since everybody seems to be taking it for granted that someone who just downloaded a 2GB DVD image can’t wait to download another 2GB worth of pkg updates… kxstudio certainly is no exception, the current (2015) 32bit live image was abandoned with a bug that will reliably ruin every install done with the installer.

But yes, by and large, I do enjoy the freedom and modularity of linux where all the steps needed to solve a given complex problem are distributed widely so that it’s only natural to receive a few problems to solve oneself together with the already existing solutions.

Just an update, since the original was stolen together with the laptop it resided on, I re-recorded, with new parts, but still in a very ‘unfinished’ style.