Nudging by offset

Hi… long time Ardour user returning after a very long break.

First time using USB hardware.

I have calibrated the interface using Ardour. Input and output latency is at 272 samples.

When I record a track… do I then need to nudge the recording by this offset? Or does Ardour take care of this automatically?


I think Ardour compensate this latency, but with usb audio sound devices you must calibrate this thing everytime you launch ardour.

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see also

Ahhh thankyou.

So the correct order of operations is (if you plan to record something):

  • Measure and calibrate latency
  • Do nothing

What about internally routed sources? Ie., another jack application patched to Ardour? Do I need to nudge in that case or will Ardour take care?


Except with JACK there’s a problem… jackd has to be restarted in order to pick up newly measured systemic-latency. In case of USB-devices restarting JACK may change the systemic-latency (Ardour’s own ALSA audio-system does not have this issue).

Some users settle for some average, or simply use a small buffersize to work-around this jack issue.

Internal connections in Ardour are correctly compensated for. Other JACK apps are aligned if they report latency (many do, most also don’t introduce any latency). You can check with jack_lsp -l to list jack port latencies.

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