Nightlies not "usable" for sometime to come

Today, we merged the long-lived nutempo2 development branch into the main branch of Ardour. This means that starting in a few hours from now, the nightly (really, nychthemeral) builds will be based on what is essentially still experimental, untested, unreliable code. We have tagged this as 7.0-pre0. This version of Ardour uses a new format for the session file (still XML but with some critical changes).

A pop-up window will warn you about this should you try to run this version. It will also make a safety backup of the session file.

However, you are strongly recommended to NOT USE nightly builds OR SELF BUILDS of the main branch for “actual work” for the foreseeable future.

At this time, we are not particularly interested in reports of issues with 7.0-pre0. We will let people know when that situation changes.

This is a major step forward for Ardour, but it will take us some time to finish the changes and begin more serious testing.

Another important point: we respectfully request that Linux distribution package maintainers DO NOT PACKAGE the main branch until we remove the “-pre0” from the tag.


Ahh, I had high hopes I could try out some nightly builds and give some feedback but it sounds like I’ll just be doing the 6.9 Ardour life for a while.

Thanks for all your hard work Paul. Super stoked for both the 6.9 release and 7.0, once you and the other devs feel it is ready.

Have a good mood & luck, Paul!

Is there a rough roadmap somewhere for Ardour 7?

No, there is not. We don’t tend to work that way. One may emerge once we get closer to a release.

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