New Bach Harpsichord Album

@x42 Just a quick question: Is it possible to normalize across the entire project to, say, -20 LUFS integrated? I realize that when exporting tracks each individual track would be conformed to that value which is not what I would want for a classical album. Would exporting wav+cue achieve a batter result? I could then split and convert them in Fre:ac or similar…

Fantastic! Beautiful sound, warm, clear and a fantastic interpretation also. Great!! I have not read this post before, sorry. Are you also playing?

Yes, that’s me. Tackling the French Suites next. I’m hoping for a release before Christmas.

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Congratulations! A great performance and recording! Good luck with the project, you have a hard job left but it will be fantastic once finished.
You should also record the sonatas for flute and harpsichord obligato… :wink:

I’ve played most of them in concerts but only one was recorded many moons ago while I was at Oxford. Here’s my new favorite recording:

Yes. Very well interpreted, elegant and without extravagances, as in other versions. And beautiful sound. I didn’t know that version. Thank you!

The best part of that recording in addition to the lovely flute playing is the use of various different keyboard instruments including clavichord, lautenwerk and harpsichord with a 16 foot register. Sonic heaven!

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Just wanted to say excellent job on these recordings. I look forward to hearing more. You inspired me to sign up to comment and lurk around the forums. I’m a vocalist that knows all the notes in my head, but not talented with instrumentation. I’m still going to jump in and try, sticking with open source of course :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for your kind comments. I’m hoping to begin recording the French Suites in the next few days. I have an overly ambitious schedule to record all the keyboard works in 5 years but I imagine it might be closer to 10 :slight_smile:

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congratulations, this sounds gorgeous.

What a great project, surveying an entire body of work like that!

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