Mixer view presets

I don’t think anything like this exists, but if it does, please let me know!

I think it would be useful if a user could save “mixer view” presets for a session. The preset would store which tracks were currently visible, track heights (in the Editor), mixer strip widths (in the Mixer window). Maybe it would be useful to store the active status of tracks as well.

My thinking is this: I’ll soon be working on a longish piece with an ABCA structure, which overall will have a large number of tracks. Some tracks will have audio in all four sections, some in just the first A section, some just in the B section etc, plus parts that appear a couple of the sections.

It’s going to be difficult to navigate up-and-down the Editor window or along the Mixer window, skipping over silent tracks to get to ones that are currently in use (i.e. have regions under the playhead).

It would be easier to navigate if I could hide (and maybe de-activate) all but the tracks needed for section A and save it as a view, and do the same for each of the other sections, so that each view could be recalled using a shortcut combination as and when required.

Is this something that others would find useful; is it something that could be implemented? If so, I’ll submit something to Mantis.

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For the mixer window there’s a (hacky) way to get there (sort of) by using VCAs solely to control track/busses visibility, since clicking on a VCA hides all tracks except those connected to it. Having different views (selections of visible tracks) associated with keyboard shortcuts would be great indeed !

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