Mixbus : Ardour + Harrison DSP for OS X

The official promotional video is a hell of a great demonstration of Ardour!

looks cool. I would like to hear how it sounds though. Not on youtube obviously :slight_smile:

Will Mixbuss be on AES next weekend?

I WILL buy. But only if the linux version comes out. Differences between distros? True, but with just a .deb and a .rpm you cover 99% of linux users… Is it such a big issue?

Yes sadly. It isn’t quite as simple as that unless we do something that most distros don’t like;)

You shouldn’t have much problem at all switching between Ardour and Mixbus. There are some differences, but the majority of it is pretty similar.


Yes and No. Ardour importing Mixbus you would lose all the processing and settings that were done in Mixbus. But the session itself should open fine, and the mixbus busses are replaced with standard busses named IIRC mixbus-1 through mixbus-4. Obviously no processing on them though.

Mixbus importing Ardour should be possible (In fact it was one of the things I tested when I was testing mixbus), though there seem to be a couple of hiccups for some people right now IIRC. They are being worked on I think.


can mixbus import ardour projects and vice-versa?

can mixbus import ardour projects and vice-versa?

This looks pretty cool, but I would have to see a Linux version before spending money on it since I transfer sessions between my desktop (ubuntu) and laptop (OSX) quite often. On the other hand though, looking at the screenshots has given me the idea of creating a session template/track template with the same setup of effects (free ladspa versions of course). I’ll post when I’m done.

partially proprietary? that’s very off-putting…
is the rest of it GPL’d ?

Will there be a version of mixbus based on ardour 3 with midi editing capabilities?


The only proprietary parts are Harrison’s DSP. Everything else is open source, and in fact has already been included in Ardour’s SVN server (Where appropriate of course, some of it wouldn’t make sense to include in Ardour or would remove functionality from Ardour).


I do not believe that has been decided by Harrison at this point. I suspect it will depend in no small part on how well Mixbus does commercially.


At the pricing posted on the Harrison site (!!!) I’d buy a copy… for Linux. Using Fedora 11/i686 with PlanetCCRMA FWIW.

The screenshot looks marvelous. If I had a Mac there would be a sale right now… :slight_smile: If there were a Linux binary, there’d be a sale right now… Man, could I ever use this on the project I’m doing! But I guess having a binary of this for Linux by the middle of October is a pipe dream, and that’s the deadline for getting this project out the door…

just to clarify a comment from seablade about svn. the mixbus source code is all in ardour’s SVN repository under its own branch. useful changes/fixes from the mixbus branch will propagate into 2.X and 3.X. all that is missing is the actual Harrison DSP code, which remains a closed source, dynamically loaded library.

@paul: is this done in a generic way so that you can specify one or more plugins to have their UI inline in a mixer channel? For example I’d quite like to have a trim (simple amplifier), delay (for time alignment) and triple band EQ on each channel. This would be quite a cool feature! With LV2 I imagine you could have an extension for “channel strip UI” which would be designed to fit in the channel strip. And then a button to launch the full UI. Obviously this can all be done using normal LADSPA plugins, the advantage is that you now can tweak the plugins directly without opening their UI windows.

Well, I’ve put my money where my mouth is. Even though I don’t currently have a Mac with a high enough rev of Mac OS X, I bought a copy, if nothing else, to help support this effort. I have a PPC Mac running 10.3 available to me; perhaps it’s updateable to something later.


At the moment it requires modifications to Ardour’s source code itself in order to provide that level of integration, sorry. I have brought up a few suggestions(Not sure if Paul was there for them or not) in the same line of thought you are thinking of though;)


One more comment:

The Mixbus Quick Start PDF is quite a good introduction to Ardour in general, and a great, quality read.

I bought mixbus and it is really awesome!! I have been using SawStudio on a PC for about 4 years and was looking for something sonically equivalent for my mixing style on mac. Thanks guys for all the great work on this app!!!

Great job to all involved!

I am crossing my fingers that a Linux version will be made available at the same price.