macOS X - Panther 10.3.9 PPC - Ardour Version

Yes I know
Laugh ‘n’ Laugh OUT Loud .

But … was there ever a version of Ardour for OS X Panther 10.3.9 PPC G4 ?

Any chance to grab hold of such ?

  • Toni -


Ardour 3 and later uses Corefont (which is only available in OSX 10.5 or later). There are still PPC builds for that available from

Ardour 2.x was released in 2006, while there was a PPC version, I don’t know if it ran on panther and G4 CPUs, more likely Tiger and G5 was required. You could perhaps try to compile it yourself.

However the following may be an option:

This is seriously stretching my memory but I faintly seem to recall that it did run on G4s as I don’t think the powerbooks ever had g5s and I think I remember running it on a powerbook. Of course with how my memory is these days take with a HUGE grain of salt.


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