Loomer linux plugins on ardour


Yes the 4-pole filter is the same DSP as lv2fil. Also, there are plenty of ways to contribute beyond coding! It sounds like you already know that though. I’m not a coder either, though I’d love to get back into it (being a sysadmin has made me lose touch with coding since school, unfortunately).

@seablade - Are you sure about this statement:

“… the total number of Native Linux VSTs is very tiny”

? Say, compared to the number of useful LV2 plugs ?

Let’s see what I have in ~/vst-linux:

Eqinox (EQ)
Soundcrab (SF2 synth)
Aspect (synth) and others from Loomer
Discovery (synth)
HyperCyclic (MIDI processor)
Manifold (audio signal processor)
dfx Transverb
Highlife (sampler)
ZR3VST (organ synth)

12 plugins from Michael Gruhn
38 plugins from mda
33 plugins from pizmidi
16 plugins from s-productions

There are more, especially from JOST creator Lucio Asnaghi, but I think I’ve made my point. To be honest and fair, not all these plugins work or work well (though most do), and not all are particularly worthwhile (think LADSPA). However, the pizmidi plugins are wonderful, Eqinox is great, Soundcrab is a powerful alternative to QSynth, and so forth.

As for the rest of your message: I agree++, time is the real issue. Ah, if I had only put the time into C programming skills that I put into learning how to play the guitar… but I fear I would have been a “middling swordsman” of a coder instead of the dashing young bluesman I am today. Okay, so maybe I’m not so young and dashing anymore, but I’m pretty sure that I used to be.

And for the record: I admire and respect the work that’s gone into LV2 and I hope to see it grow and improve. Some outstanding plugins already populate my LV2 folder. More would be nice, but above all I listen for the quality of the plug. It’s fine by me if the collection grows slowly, especially if the additions are up to the standards presented by the plugins from the CALF devs, linuxDSP, and Invada.

Pizza out.



your contribute is great, can’t wait for the sr2a to be ported in LV2 too :slight_smile:


Agree 100%

A Loomer dev replied to my request of an LV2 version of their plugins saying it actually is on the roadmap, but not high priority due to the tiny amount of requests they had. Maybe if someone else starts asking for them we could have them sooner than later…