Last Call for Ardour 6.7

Starting Ardour 7, there will only be support for the following OS:

  • macOS 10.9 (or later)
  • GNU/Linux systems with (or later)
  • Windows 7 (or later)

Notably OSX/PPC, OSX 10.6 and Windows XP will no longer be supported.

Tech Details We would like to use some modern C++11 features. Some older OS do not directly support this.

It is still possible to get Ardour running by compiling a compiler with C++11 support on those systems e.g. zyn-build-osx/ at master · zynaddsubfx/zyn-build-osx · GitHub
but you are on your own there.

Before dropping support for older systems, we would like to release a final stable, good version.

We need your help for that.

Please bump any bug reports that produce crashes on the those older systems by leaving a comment on Note that we are only interested in severe issues that prevent Ardour from working reliably (no plugin related bugs).


When are we planning to release? Thanks!
Great produkt! Love it!
Gaudinni (imstre)

There is no fixed release date.

Ideally 6.7 will be released sometime in the next 2-6 weeks.

However it largely depends on how many release-critical issues are reported and how long it will take to track them down.

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Success in work! I look forward to the good news!
Thank you very much.

This one is kind of vague so I’m not sure what I would say on a bug report. My wife was tracking vocals last night the 1st time since 6.6 was installed. When they were playing back they had a kind up phasey, underwater sound. I’m not sure how to describe it. After trying different mics, cables and interfaces, I played the file back in audacious and it sounded normal. I exported the stems, downgraded to 6.5 and imported the stems into a new project and it sounded right. This was in Linux.

It’s not a known bug.

Can you try if re-importing them into a new session also has this issue?

Maybe you’ve routed the track to a direct out (or monitor) and also via the master-bus using different panning which can lead to comb-filter artifacts? A mixer screenshot of the recording session may tell.

I did downgrade to 6.5 and imported the tracks and it was ok. There was more than one track doing the same thing. If you would like me to re-install 6.6 and reimport I will have to get back to it in the next day or 2.

Yes it was routed to monitor out and master bus. So had nothing to do with the version or a bug.

Maybe now, when Ardour will be soon in v 7, it’s good time for next request:
If it would be possible … you could also prepare some support for development using some standard IDE (it does not matter which one).
Some of us would like to support you with some DEV tasks, but it’s hard to work outside of IDE.
Code completion, code browsing, and other useful features are missing.

And if it’s not possible for any reason, please, describe/list somewhere all tools you are using for development.


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So “we are never to tie the build system […] to a particular tool”. In other words, use the IDE that you are most comfortable with.

The source-code has a file doc/source_tree_layout.txt that may help to get you started with the big picture, and development is coordinated on #ardour at


Thank you for the information on programming tools. I hope to use it soon. Ardour has a lot of potential. I can find bugs for now

Will ardour 7 have any GUI changes or will it look the same

This really isn’t a thread about Ardour 7, I was tempted to move the previous conversation out of it as it doesn’t belong here and didn’t, that was probably a mistake on my part, but for clarity, this thread is about current issues in Ardour on specific platforms that need to be addressed before Ardour 6.7 is released.