Keyboard Shotcuts / Key Commands export/import

We are migrating from Logic Pro 9 to Ardour in our studios. To make a smooth transition for the whole team we will be using a lot of Logic’s shortcuts in all computers.

Is there a simple way to export/import them from one machine to the other, without having to manually change every single shortcut of each computer?

Much thanks!

Keyboard shortcuts are stored in a file *.keys in the Preference folder, you can just copy that file (while ardour is not running).

on macOS you can find it at ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour6/ardour-6.9.keys
on GNU/Linux at ~/config/ardour6/ardour-6.9.keys and on Windows below %localappdata%\ardour6\.

The file only exists once a user has customized shortcuts.

Dear Gareus,

It worked! Thank you so much.

All the best,

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