How to downgrade a project

I made a project with ultra recent ardour (kxstudio)
I now have ubuntu mate 22.04 and I’m in the middle of a new linux flatpak PR.
I cannot open my previous ardour project and I exported a wrong file.
Is there something that can be done so I can open it. any conversion tool?
Can I have someone pay the $1 to unlock the recent version? (I once did a $45 pay that way when I was more of a heavy user).
I don’t touch money. I guess the other option is use zoom or teamviewer with a donor.

Not going to ask how you recorded it on the “ultra recent ardour” :slight_smile:

As a help to others, perhaps you could say which versons you are comparing, to give them a better idea of what may have changed.

Perhaps I found my solution… While looking for the distro name, I realized I can run on a stick. I guess it was AV MXE sometime in January 2023. That should work well enough to make the export I messed up and did not do correctly… no recording… just need to export… :slight_smile:

So problem should be solved.

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Problem solved. Downloaded AVLinux from bandshed and moved the end marker to the correct position and ran the export. All finished.

BTW… this is the fastest loading usb disk you will ever find. It works smooth on usb too. Okay… I saved $1usd but it is a lot of trouble to get someone to buy the $1 for me since I don’t touch money. much appreciation for the avlinux and ardour teams .

For what it is worth… I made a couple of noncommercial videos and they now have combined thousands of views. So… I contributed to the community project in other ways. (automation and sends were not totally correct… but good enough)
OBS and Ardour
automation and sends in ardour
ardour punch in and out

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