How far are we from 6.0

How far until the release of 6.0

Nobody knows. It’s ready when it’s ready and that may or may not be in 2019.

Oh ok thanks I guess I’ll just have to wait until then

I’m sorry that I can’t me more specific. The big development branches have not even been merged to master, and there are significant details missing in current master as well for a potential pre-release as well. Then work on stabilizing all this needs to happen. With only 1 - 1 1/2 persons working full-time on Ardour, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon, but who knows.

Ardour 2.8 … 3.0 has been over 5 years in the making. 3.5 to 4.0 just over two years. and in hindsight the whole 4.x release should not have existed: we should have waited to what became 5.0. Major version overhaul has never been fast, in particular for software that has to be reliable.

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I understand hopefully in my lifetime, either way ardour is still usable. I also have Mixbus which seems to be getting new features here and there

Mixbus version 5 has some new ardour features that are specific to ardour, will ardour be updated to get these features or are they reserved for version 6.0

There will be no release of Ardour before 6.0. Those features will be included.

Awesome can’t wait for this. Hopefully 2019

I can’t wait to see Ardour 6.0, I could do anything to speed up the development.
I’ll sell myself to some old ladies, also it make sense not so stress.

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I think we need to stress again that for most users, Ardour 6.0 will not represent much change. The original goal of the development was/is to make substantial architectural changes that would enable notable features in the future and fix some otherwise-hard-to-solve bugs in the present. 6.0 will not include one large part of those changes, and what will be present will not be strikingly different to most users.

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If it fixes hanging midi notes, I’ll be so happy! If not… I’ll still be happy as I know it will help fix that eventually. :smiley:


It is a shame that there are only 1 - 1.5 programmers working on Ardour. I am curious, I assume that the 1.5 programmers, meaning Paul and yourself (Robin), who is also divided by Harrison employment (assuming). I would think it would be in Harrison’s best interest to pay more programmers to work on this project.

I don’t know what the Mixbus user base in numbers is (or OS for that matter), but it certainly seems to be growing exponentially. Then again, being that Mixbus is one of the cheapest DAWs available (and Ardour too), I guess I can see the logic why they are not adding to the programming team.

How much is Ben L. contributing? I am guessing he is not a core programmer. I guess I don’t really see him as an advanced programmer (no insult intended, he just seems more PR).

Then there is Waves Audio. They seemed to jump in then bail out quickly. At least from what I have witnessed anyway. Not that I would ever use their products because I am a 100% Linux guy. I just feel they are not doing enough considering they are releasing a product based on Ardour. IMO :wink: I understand they are not focused on the same usage base as Ardour is. Their product is very simplistic but does its intended function, and quite well from what I have read about it (it runs under wine, but that is as far as I tested it).

Anyway, I guess my point is, Ardour and Mixbus are top notch DAWs. Getting very close to the Big Boys. It is a shame that Harrison and Waves Audio cannot hire some assistance for you guys. Perhaps we can convince Mixbus users to donate to the Ardour project as well. Maybe not in the direct way, but perhaps even a GoFundMe project? I would love to see an OSS project kick the ass of all major commercial ones!

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Ya I felt the same, I do have Mixbus but I was feeling like Mixbus would of been heavily invested in ardour since there product is based on it. A lot of issues that people have with Mixbus is the ardour side of things, I never has a issue with there DSP or their mixer, that being said I understand, I guess that’s the way it is, maybe Mixbus is not as profitable but hey Mixbus has no obligation to fully support Mixbus as ardour is open source and no one has obligation to consider the main development of ardour. I’m sure Harrison helps in a lot of ways but it’s sad to see how minimal the support for ardor, however I’m greatful to have ardour, I’ve tried the major daws, and for some reason I keep coming back to ardour and Mixbus. I like ardour as well I just like Mixbus mixer, one of the things I wished ardour have is proper looking fader, I wish I knew how to add a mixer looking fader instead of the one ardour has. But that’s just my opinion.

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1.5 developers does not mean 1 full time and one part time. There are more than two people adding to Ardour. The more than two are often working on things that are important to them personally but still appeal to a wider audience as well. The OSC controller code has grown quite a lot since 5.12 as has the PT import code. The packaged plugins have had bug fixes and updates as well. Another part of Ardour many people forget is the documentation (which could use even more imput) where there has been much progress though most of it has been playing catch-up to 5.12 (though I do have a chunk waiting to be added when 6.0 is released as well). There has been coding input from Harrison as well, mostly in places that will be more noticeable (being GUI changes) to the average user. The git repo for both Ardour and the manual is open and you can take a look at who has contributed in the past year. Do note that much of the works is happening in branches… or is still on someone’s personal machine.

I most say I love this program, what an amazing program this is, even thou there is some bug here and there we all know. a can work with it and I love you all

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Yes, I meant that on average there is about 1½ man-month of work on the codebase done per month, usually by 2-4 different persons.

Any updates on the progress towards version 6.0


Nice, I like the virtual keyboard, will 6.0 have any benefits for raspberry pi devices?