Getting good audio recordings in the field

Personally I don’t think I could bring myself to record music in mono, so much is lost! Although of course it was done for many years before stereo was invented. Some recordists even insist on recording point sources (like a solo singer) in stereo.


interesting too, it’ll be interesting to see how i get on!

FYI, the website should have a lot of useful information for you: it’s aimed primarily at radio journalists, but much of those techniques and tools apply to what you’re doing. In particular look at the Tools section and the Techniques section of the site.

Another good resource is the book “Producing Great Sound for Film and Video,” by the late Jay Rose. Some of it obviously won’t be directly relevant to your project but there is so much useful general info on sound recording and editing techniques that it’s still worth getting.

thanks, yes a bit of background reading is probably exactly what I need to do, looks very informative and I’ll have a look at that book too!

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