EQ10Q not Ardour 8.4

Ardou 8.4 is out!
Yesterday, I paid, downloaded, installed, uninstalled and went back to 8.1.
Because, quite simply, the group “Sapata”, from EQ10Q, “went offline” and Ardor did not recognize the host in its plugins.
I saved the .run file and will wait for the next “events”…!

I’m not sure I follow what you are saying. Do you mean EQ10Q plugins don’t work in Ardour 8.4? It’s possible this is due to those plugins using GTK for their graphical toolkit and becoming incompatible over time due to GTK version changes. The EQ10Q plugin suite appears abandoned. The project page doesn’t even load in my browser. I think the best course of action would be to switch to a set of plugins that is maintained, such as LSP, since it doesn’t appear the EQ10Q plugins will be rewritten using a graphical toolkit that isn’t prone to become obsolete over time.



This plugin is unlikely to work in any future version for the same reason as other plugins with a GTK UI won’t. – It is also being removed from various GNU/Linux distributions with the next release (though it seems debian is going to package it without the custom GUI).

See also:

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So, at least we can use the engine with Ardour’s generic GUI.

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You can also move to openSUSE :slight_smile: AFAIK there’ no plan to remove gtk2 stuff in the near future. Sure, at some point it will happen but meanwhile alternatives (to all gtk2 plugins) may arise.

We’ve been telling developers that since 2012, and most affected plugins sets got updated, except those that are no longer maintained (Invada, Calf, IR.lv2).

Overall, the plugin situation on GNU/Linux has significantly improved in recent years, and there are already alternatives for all those. In many cases the new ones are also preferable.

The main issue is loading old sessions with plugins that are no longer available.

For some plugins, sure there are altearnatives and sometimes, very good alternatives. For some there are not. We could debate what is a “good” alternative but for example lsp-parametric EQ is not a “good” alternative to eq10q (for me at the least). Sure it’s more powerful, too much I’d say…

I know several people who prefer to use windows vst with Yabridge instead of Lsp-suite because they are too many with a scary (to many controls and options) GUI.

You could turn your stereo EQ in a good alternative to eq10q :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiley:

You could turn your stereo EQ in a good alternative to eq10q :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiley:

If I would have preferred EQ10Q, i’d not have written x42-eq in the first place.

But you could use GitHub - ZL-Audio/ZLEqualizer: equalizer plugin or https://www.overtonedsp.co.uk/ AF2-10/M or Harrison’s mastering-EQ (bundled with Ardour) or any listed at https://linuxdaw.org/?q=EQ or … whatever works.

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Obviously I was referring to open source plugins. ZL Equlizer seems interessing, I’ll try it soon. Thanks.

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Did not know this one. Thanks for sharing!

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ZL audio doesn’t seem to work on the current version of AvLinux. Apparently another Glibc problem…

ACMT and X42 Eq works as always…

But it would be nice to have a good dynamic Eq for Linux.

I also tried ZL-Audio with Ubuntu 22.04 but had the same problem with Glibc.

The developer zsliu98 will release a fix soon.

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I moved the ZLEqualizer vst3 into my VST3 folder in linux but ardour doesn’t recognize the plugin. Maybe because i have ubuntu mate 22.04?

Yes, all Ubuntu variants of 22.04 or older have a GLIBC that’s too old for the current ZLE release.

As L_Pro mentions above there should be a new ZLE release soon that will fix the problem.

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Hi Robin,

Quick question, if I may.

I’m trying to write a GUI for my euclidean-rhythms plugin. And struggling (mainly because I’m definitely not a front-end developer, I guess).

What UI framework do you use for your own plugins? What would you recommend to me for a very simple interface (8 identical rows, each with 7 knobs and one on/off button)?

Thanks in advance, kind regards.

Hello, I use the eq10q a lot in Ardour 8.2 (and earlier), but knowing that it will no longer work in 8.4, I will try others. The LSP plugins can be a little intimidating, at least some of them, but in reality you just have to Take a little time to try them.

It is true that the gui of a software in this case plugin, has its importance in terms of accessibility and practicality in use, regardless of the number of controls, those of LSP can perhaps be scary, but they are very competent, in these At the moment I’m using one of their multiout samplers for drums and it’s not bad, although I’m also trying Geonkick, perhaps more suitable for drums.

I have a few vst windows, but whenever I can I use the native ones created for linux, more than anything if I use some vst windows, it is because there is no reasonable alternative native to linux, more than anything vst windows synths, but almost always native linux effects .

Fortunately, there is a reasonable native Linux offering (free or paid), although there are certain notable holes equivalent or similar to Kontak, and software of that type, but in effect, including equalizers, I think there is enough native Linux offering, as has already been mentioned in the thread.

I am not a software developer, only a sound technician (not a sound engineer), and I do not dedicate myself to it professionally, I only give my opinion as a user, but I understand that at a professional level there are certain conditions regarding using certain plugins, sometimes very specific ones that It does not have a Linux version.


Hello again, I take this opportunity to ask if there is any page, database or similar where I can consult which audio software for Linux is abandoned, dead, alive, in active development or not.

I’m not talking about knowing where to find plugins for Linux, but rather knowing which ones are still in development and alive like lsp and which ones aren’t, like calf or eq10q for example.


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I make music as a hobby and I don’t consider myself a musician or a sound engineer. I use few lsp-plugin but still, too many with too much. Sometimes I think they are a sort of academic project, a showcase of what can be done. IMHO Obviously.

I highly recommend to use some plugin specific toolkit.

For LV2 plugins most UIs use pugl under the hood: GitHub - lv2/pugl: A minimal portable API for embeddable GUIs


The problem with those is very specific.
Plugins are not supposed to depend on external resources. If they do, they won’t work if those external resource are no longer available (apart from other issues with possible incompatibilities when mixing external libs – akin to DLL-Hell on Windows :disappointed_relieved:). From what I can tell, calf, invada, EQ10Q were the last ones.

Self-contained plugins need little to no maintenance, and just keep working…

I am not aware of a specific database, but there are various lists maintained by volunteers.
https://linuxdaw.org/ was already mentioned. There’s also KXStudio : Repositories : Plugins https://linuxsynths.com/ and a few others that I cannot remember from the top of my head.

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