"Diehard" Colors theme

Now that the dust has settled a bit… is it already time to include this upstream, or are there some further tweaks planned?

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Last night I got out to the studio and actively worked on a session and I wasn’t super happy with the Audio track BG (it’s determined by ‘widget gray’ I believe and needs to be a darker color for this theme)… I’m still fine tuning some changes on that but I hope to finish it this weekend and will be sure to post the final version here. Thanks for even considering it for upstream!

…May be one more tweak:

))next variants of the name: avlmafia, ultra-melon, alien-blood, alien juice, *dark blues


ack, keep fine tuning it. We’re not in a rush to push out a new release anytime soon anyway.


I think I’m done tweaking, I have edited the first post and uploaded the latest version ‘diehard3’ with the suggestions from @cooltehno. Any changes beyond that will probably be up to the User on an individual needs basis so I think the colors theme is ready whenever you are…