Delete key no longer working

my delete key isn’t working any longer, I guess it’s since 7.3 or so.
I do have the mapping and I can see that the delete function is mapped to “Delete” and “Backspace”. The backspace key works, however, the delete key doesn’t.
I have already removed the delete key from the action, assigned another key, verified that the new key is working and then re-assigned the delete key, however, to no avail.
Someone an idea?

Have you tried resetting keyboard shorcuts to default with version 7.5?

Yes, doesn’t cure the problem.

I had the very same problem, it also started a few minor versions ago, and now I finally took the time to look into it. I think I found the problem:

If I manually remove the line <Binding key="Delete" action="Notes/alt-delete"/> in the MIDI-Section of the ardour.keys file, everything works as expected again!


As I don’t really use MIDI, I have no idea how this line came there… Interestingly I cannot find any corresponding function inside Ardour’s Keyboard Shortcuts window’s MIDI tab - there doesn’t seem to be anything related to deleting there (nor does the shortcut appear there if the line is present in ardour.keys)…

(I am using Ardour in German, if that matters…)

That fixes the issue. I have no idea, why, but it does.
Thanks Alex

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