De-esser plugin - DeBess alternative

Yes, I did. Initially I did have some “weird” issues on my PC. The biggest ones were:

  • Plasma session not even starting => had to switch back from wayland to x11 (because of proprietary nvidia driver)
  • weird flicker (which resolved itself after a minute, or so) after unlocking a locked screen.

Most of the “usability issues” are solved in the meantime, except that I didn’t try wayland again in the meantime. Only one (I’d say minor) issue is left, that sometimes (rather rarely), when switching between virtual desktops, I see an application window (e.g. dolphin), but can’t click on anything in it, unless doing an Alt-Tab first.
On my Laptop (Ryzen with built-in AMD graphics) I didn’t see this happen yet.

Regarding Ardour and LSP Plugins, I didn’t notice anything that broke due to the Plasma 6 upgrade…

What I also did recently was a manual upgrade of the dragonfly reverb package to the one from 24.04. The reason for this however had nothing to do with KDE/plasma, but with a bug that at least the plate reverb seemed to continuously build up noise until it became audible after 20 minutes or so…


@slash Thanks a lot for the information. It does help especially this:

I’ve also been missing a good de-esser since Calf Plugins stopped working. Static EQ isn’t even an option for me here. Dynamic EQ can do the trick, but I’ve had a hard time getting it to. Multiband compression seems overkill to me. It quickly goes from doing almost nothing, to giving the singer a lisp.

The best I’ve found is the LSP broadband compressor. @novalix mentioned highpassing the sidechain. That’s the trick. Set a fast attack and release, HPF the sidechain up to around 5 kHz, set the threshold so it only compresses on sibilants, and set the ratio so it tames the sibilance but doesn’t give the singer a lisp.

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Thanks @darin1, nice HOW-TO comment. I think a good replacement for CALF plugin would be the Harrison De-esser. You can try it and use it with generic GUI for free :grinning:

Please try putting the EQ before your compressor.

Furthermore, if you can provide some (unprocessed) samples (with a description of how they were recorded), I could try to see what you guys mean. @L_Pro you too, if you want, since you are the original poster.