Cleopatra (EP, rock opera)

Yeah drums have always sucked in my songs. Believe it or not, this is the best way drums have ever sounded in my work :sweat_smile: In the current template I have added a lot of EQ to drums, while before the snare sounded even worse. I don’t think I’ll change the process much in the next efforts, to be honest, but I may try to put them more forward maybe, thanks for the tip.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s still amazing what can be done with free tools. But the paid product by now are ahead and ears are used to them.

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Yeah, drums are divas. :smiley: If you want i can see if i can do a drummix template for you if that’s not your strong suit. Feel free to say no though of course.

In general i hear some Aeternam in your songs. Me like!

Right back at you! That was a great song you wrote and it was just my style! It was a really fun project. (And I always brag I collaborated with the developer of the Dragon Fly Reverbs.) :slight_smile:

(Sorry for the digression…)

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I think in this case it was mostly just drowned in the mix because there was simply too much stuff going on. I think they sound better in this track, for instance, which is where I started using this template. The strings section also sounds more believable there than in Cleopatra in general, I think.

I don’t know them well, to be honest: I remember enjoying a few tracks that Spotify added to my Discover Weekly, some time ago, but I’ve never dug very deep. It’s probably time to do that!

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And the amazing Ardour orchestral template, let’s not forget that :smile: