Cleanup unused regions, delete unused audio ?

Thanks. I appreciate the support and work you all put into this product. I only just started using it has been great.

Makes sense, I didn’t look into the C++ API just saw the lua docs for the thing I was interested in and didn’t see it was using shared ptrs underneath.

It works a treat. Should there be a script like this included for the default install? I find it surprising that this is an edge case people don care about (disks are cheap but I seem to always fill them up :slight_smile: )

It is a very simple change to make to the existing script and it took me a while to find this solution.

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This looks useful. What would make it even more useful for me and my students is more options for naming. Currently all of the regions just get the name of the track. The region name would be more useful, (maybe with a batch name + number option). Say I drag in a recording into a track, apply rhythm ferret, then want to bounce the results. Dozens of identically named files. At least a numbering suffix would be handy. Is that a feature request? Or something Lua can do?

Sounds like a good idea. So bounce and replace all regions that don’t correspond to a complete source already, so that one can clean up unused source.

Do you already have a script that does bounce+replace all regions?