Cancelling subscription

i want to cancel my subscription, but the link doesn’t work.

will deleting my account do this?


It will not. You should visit PayPal’s site and cancel it there. They do not provide a functioning mechanism for us to cancel it for you.

It’s a shame ardour can’t help with windows. I would have continued but nothing I try works!
I was willing to pay the $10.00 us every month and exited that I may contribute to the working of this program… but I see ardour is light years away from what it claims it is. Too frustrating to continue. Deeply sorry to leave it but if you can’t support there is no use. Lenny

Ardour definitely works fine on windows 10. My friend uses it all the time. You should ask for help on this forum and we could probably get things working for you. But then again you are free to choose programs you use. If you want us to help you, just create a new thread on the forum and tell about the problems you had.

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