Calf plugins - Failed to instantiate


I’ve been using the official (paid) download of Ardour 7.3 for some time, however for some reason the Calf LV2 plugins are no longer loading - I think following an update to Manjaro in March. I’ve also tried 7.3.210_dbg, with the same results. However if I download the build of Ardour 7.3.1 from the Manjaro repositories the plugins are still working.

I’m not sure where the root problem with this lies, but have found people on the Arch forums experiencing the same thing who seem to have traced it to an update of libinstpatch:

I tried submitting a bug report with Arch as suggested in that thread, since no-one else has, but they have been unable to replicate the problem (and don’t support Manjaro anyway).

The plugins are listed as OK in the Ardour plugin manager, including after reinstall and re-scan. However when I try to load them throws an error message telling me to check the log, which comes up with lines such as this for example:

“2023-04-12T14:55:52 [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin

I can make do with the Manjaro package for now but thought you should be aware this is happening.

PS I know some people don’t like the Calf plugins but I was specifically using the compressor due to the way it distorts.

It’s also referenced in a post on this forum

Ah thanks, I missed that. Well I tried Robin’s suggestion of submitting a bug report but I think it’s going to take an actual Arch user to chime in before that has any effect. I’m no software engineer but it seems strange that the Manjaro version of Ardour isn’t affected.

My uneducated guess is that Manjaro links its version of Ardour against the updated libinstpatch, and that’s why it works.
Other versions link against the old version and maybe there’s some subtle ABI change which makes them fail.

Manjaro could also be patching their version of Ardour to work with the updated libinstpatch.

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