AV Linux vs Ubuntu Studio for Ardour

Hello in the round,
i think about, to install a linux distro which is made for best performance in Ardour. I have here 2 distros in my mind.

AV LInux and Ubuntu Studio.

If it’s possible, i would swith not only for working with Ardour to anoher distro, but also for working in my office: Apps who must run for office: Nextcloud Client, Thunderbird, Whatsapp-Desktop, Telegram Desktop, Libre-Office…

My quiestion:
Is here somewhere who use on of this and give a feedback what you recommend for me?

With which Distro you think, has Ardour the best performance?


It isn’t that it is the ‘best performance’ persay, it is that all the hard work is done for you so that you can more easily get to the expected performance of Ardour in many cases.

Nothing stops you from running any of the software you mentioned on AVLinux to my knowledge.


I need a full day to try it out.
Installed additional to my Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon - Ubuntu Studio - AVLinux

Performance: AVLinux is not faster or have more performance on my system (i7 / 16GB Ram) as Linux Mint 21 (Governor with CPUPower GUI “Performance”). Same DSP value.
Ubuntu Studio: You need to install the CPU Power Gui above and set your processor to “Performance” mode (from Powersafe). But i have no better performance or latence as with Mint 21 Cinnamon.

Also if i change the track in edit or mixer mode while a song is playing…the sound makes about 0,1s “thinking”

The difference is of course pre installed programs - but not the performance. AVLinux is very spartanish - Ubuntu Studio is a bit modern but not so comfortable as Linux Mint.

My project: 1 audio track and 10 tracks with midi instruments like Redux, ACE Fluid Synth and Speedrum in multi output mode.

How to prepare Linux Mint 21 for best performance in Ardour, you find here my resume of 1 week work, research and testing.

Yes it currently uses XFCE4 with Openbox so it is not directly comparable to Linux Mint Cinnamon or Ubuntu Studio with KDE. There will be a new AV Linux ISO with a full XFCE4 and Openbox removed as soon as Ardour 7.2 is released this week so that will relieve some of the perceived Spartan-ness…

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It is not supposed to be faster, it is supposed to be more reliable.

Chances are that it is slower (slightly higher DSP load ), but consistent, no fluctuations and no dropouts.

Maybe AVLInux can bring very low latence - but if in the project are midi instruments or plugins, in my experience the latence depents on the power.

For a stable running i had to go up on my test project with about 12 Midi Tracks (ACE Fluid Synth, Redux Sampler, Speedrum with 32 Outs) and 1 Audio track (my voice) up to go to 512 samples.
With Governor “Performance” Setting of course.

BTW: I know now, how set the Governor Setting per default to “Performance” and i added this in my thread here for Ardour newbies (as i was 4 weeks ago)

Hy Guys i found now, why i had sound interrupts when i click to another track while the project plays the sound: I used always the nightly builds debug version - now, i testet the normal new 7.2 - no sound problem. 7.2 dbg version - same sound problems.

Same information (and continuation):

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