Ardour seeks new sponsorship

Maybe it’s a stupid idea but , what about Mark Shuttleworth?

I didn’t think about that!

That would be brilliant if the Shuttleworth Foundation would sponsor Ardour. I seem to recall reading somewhere they offer up to R250, 000,000 (thats about $34,578,694.95 though i doubt we will get near that :P) for open source projects or something. I think Paul, you should try to contact them because I’m sure they will be interested!

FYI, I already talked to Mark Shuttleworth.

So no deal there? That’s a real shame.

Paul would you like to come on The Linux Tech Show to talk about Ardour and plug the donation drive? You and the rest of the team are doing fantastic work and I would hate to see development slow down. Hope my contribution helps. Even if you don’t come on the show I’ll mention the donation drive.
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Pat - The Linux Link Tech Show

Hi there.
That’s the web of Music Fair Prague. If I will be successful and if they will be very very kind, I could make a presentation of Ardour there in September 07.


I have just come across Ardour!!! It can’t die before I’ve worked out how to install linux over windows and try out Ardour!!! Hehe

Seriously, I’ve been thinking about switching from Windows to Linux for a while and the only thing stopping me was the fact that I use Nuendo for film sound work in my home studio. Now that I’ve seen something that looks like it can do the things I need, with a very professional look and, more importantly, is STABLE…but it does it all in Linux and its open source…I’m hooked and I haven’t even run it yet.

I am a programmer but I dont know C++ or assembler so I can’t help with the app, but I’m willing to help out with manuals, website, etc, etc to keep this going.

Rest assured, some of my aussie $$$ will make its way through Paypal very soon!

Already received a new Ardour T-Shirt in the mail. I must say, that was some great service and I am highly impressed with the quality of the shirt. It’s an authentic Hanes T-Shirt with a nice feel to it. I received exactly what I ordered (yellow shirt, blue logo, size Large) and would recommend this product to everyone! Big ups to the shirt designer and to Zazzle for shipping this out so soon!

Have you considered selling CDs? If you can get enough artists to donate good quality songs made with Ardour, maybe you could pack twenty or so onto a CD, then sell that CD for a reasonable price minus only the overhead of manufacturing and shipping it. Maybe you could even go through an online service that manufactures and ships it for you.

Maybe you could strike some sort of deal with Magnatune: - It seems like it would definitely be in their best interest for more people to have access to free Logic/Cubase types of tools, especially if their name was associated with it. I’m not suggesting that you have them fund your project entirely - just that maybe they’d help you out with the CD idea.

Paul that was spam:)


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