Ardour plays midi track wrong

I imported that track 4 times - and after some working in the project (only tried out some reverbs in other audio busses) it plays wrong. I edited nothing in this bass track except the volume.

perhaps this is related to 0009118: Copy and Paste midi notes brings only the note visible - but not playable - MantisBT

just a guess: is that bass riff for the intro of the song? maybe it is (audibly) starting from the very beginning of the midi file, instead of the playhead location.

Knowing where that riff exists in the track would tell us the ‘offset’ from the playhead, and that might provide a clue to what’s gone wrong.

I can share the project here, if it helps the developer to find the reason.
Tell me what you need and i can send it.

The midi file, i imported is here:

The devs can always contact me - i’m really interessting, to help finding the errors.

Now with nightly build 7.1.244 it works normal at the moment. Thanks for fixing this issue so fast.

Error is still again on 7.2

I loaded your midi into my ardour 7.2 on Windows, and it was not right (as on your video) but… I changed the length of these problematic notes in way that their end does not overlap on next note (I did “un-legato”) and it solved this inconsistency

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