Ardour on the new dream studio 12.04 LTS - Review

Hello all and to you Michael, Its been years since I have been here. Things have greatly changed. Ubuntu Studio 18.04.4 is currently the LTS edition now in year 2020. It is April 6th now. There is 19.10 but version 20.04 LTS Beta version Focal Fossa is out now. I had drifted away from audio production for about 6 years since I was last here. Still an avid Reef Aquarist but with other projects with my Jeep and Guitars. I Love UbuntuStudio greatly, but noticed conical has still left it with plain wallpapers, and the menus still have much to be desired in the way Mate and Manjaro have done nicely with. I have become a Manjaro Freak through the years with the latest build with Compiz Reloaded as well on my every day computer. Today I am on my studio PC and decided to install Ubuntu Mate 18.04.4 LTS for its customizable abilities and more appealing features to the eye, but also wanted Ardour 5 on it. After a couple days of fooling around with Ardour and Qjackctrl, because of having my playback sound disappear, I finally found out that it was not Qjackctl’s fault, but it was Ardour crashing, after a few successful runs, I found that by creating a New Session and having Jack launched by Ardour instead of launching Jack manually first, was when my audio worked again. Tonight I made my 1st audio and guitar track using Ardour 5 through my old M-Audio Fast Track interface! Was able to add a delay to my vocal track and a bit of Chorus to my acoustic guitar track, saved it, edited and exported the master to an Audio track! Its great to be back and I am loving Ardour 5 on my Ubuntu Mate OS. I also took the liberty of installing Ubuntustudio-audio-plugins and a few other Ubuntu studio goodies onto my Mate system through Synaptic. Hello to Macinnisrr and Fernesto Anzolam I am saddened to see DreamStudio no longer since 2014 or so. But I do realize things change. Thanks to all and Ardour , I donated tonight. Cheers! and Let It Roll! Sincerely, James (cominatyalive)

Thank you James :slightly_smiling_face:
Things have greatly changed indeed. According to my experience UbuntuStudio works more or less (I’m curious about 20.04) but other ones have developed even more. UbuntuStudio is not very reliable.

  • AVLinux 2019 is fine.
  • LibraZiK 2 Studio (based on Debian 9) has become my favourite audio distribution. It works even better than AVLinux: less complicated and more reliable. :+1:
  • There is another distribution TangoStudio (based on Debian 7) which is not maintained any more but can be used on very old machines offline (even on a Pentium III) and is very reliable. I used it on old computers and installed Ardour 5 manually.


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