Ardour hanging at shutdown

The bug has been fixed upstream in glibc. When your distro will pick up and distribute a new glibc containing the fix is hard to say. You could downgrade glibc (2.35 is fine), or wait, depending on your own personal situation.

If it’s helpful, I’m on Arch and the latest glibc package is glibc-2.35-5 (Not working properly). It’s fine with the glibc-2.35-4 package. The same with lib32-glibc.

Thanks for investigating this - I’m experiencing the same problem.

However I’m not sure if I understand correctly: I have to downgrade both glibc-2.35-4 and lib32-glibc?

(and why is a 32-bit library installed on my 64-bit system?)

Edit: I downgraded glibc only and now things are back to (mostly :grin:) normal.

64 bit systems often have compatibility libraries installed to allow running 32 bit applications. That is usually not needed for applications in the distribution repository, those should all be compiled to match your base architecture, but proprietary applications may not be available in both 32 bit and 64 bit.
One common case for some people is using WINE to run Windows binaries, those are commonly built as 32 bit so you need 32 bit libraries for WINE to run 32 bit Windows applications.

just reporting that on arch, after upgrade to fresh glibc 2.35-6 the situation (ardour hanging at shutdown) sadly remains the same

The issue is fixed in glibc 2.36