ARDOUR Crash when chosen stem export

Hello guys
when i chose stem export ardour get crash and close the all windows
edit : i use ardour 6 compile from this source on avlinux

First question is going to be if you get a crash when using the pre-compiled binaries from this site?


If you happen to be using jack and have pulse bridged to jack: The most common cause for a crash on export I have seen is exporting with pulse->jack bridging. The pulse modules jack source and sink will try to satisfy the clock on any alsa device pulse can see. I have found turning all device profiles in pulse off and using jack as if it was the only audio “device” for pulse works fine. The pulse-jack bridging modules in pulse really need a rewrite to fix this, but that is not likely to happen with pipewire set to replace pulse.

this method work after i restart pulse audio in Cadence

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