Ardour browser version

Question 1)
Is there a browser version of Ardour available ?

Question 2)
If not, is there a complete instruction set available to manipulate all Ardour user functions and procedures in order to write e.g. such user interface ?


No and very unlikely.

The entire source code is available.

There are control interfaces such as OSC (Which many people use) that can do a lot, but are not a complete interface either, that is what the source code is for. Just keep in mind 95%+ of the code in Ardour is UI, so you are talking about the vast majority of work to recreate such an interface.

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Thanks Robin
I saw your other post, but it didnt address it conclusively. I appreciate the clear answer.
The latency will not be a problem as what I propose is a Browser Ardour UI that just send commands to the existing Ardour running through a socket. No latency change. The browser is basically just a gui shell copy and does no DSP. Fine, an X-session does this already (non Browser) , but a browser version is way more portable and OS independent.
People should just not come with VNC and crap like that. It is such a joke compared to an X-Server and client.
Browser should be really easy to implement. It could even be midi commands for the majority of the controls.

Thanks Seablade.
Ok then, then there doesnt exist a descriptive list like mneumonics available for a processor etc.
The source code it is then for those functionalities that has no midi equivalents.

Basically done and works in a brrowser. Once it is all polished up I will send a video or photos.It will be a while as I have other nagging midi programs to write too.

For the case at hand, VNC would be preferable, you can render the GUI with hardware acceleration on the same machine as Ardour runs on, then ship a compressed image snapshot out (that also folds down all the partial exposures into a single request).

Try it with noVNC in a browser.

Vnc …nooooo! Been using it since inception and it always sucks.
My solution works so much better thanks.

It’s like being married to your nephew’s friend’s cousin by mail. It always ends up a swimming mess at some stage, And then the mousegrabs that they still havent figured out after almost 20 years.
VNC Is for windows users. On Linux there are so many tools that are literally orders better that makes VNC fell sort of like an arranged marriage.

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