Ardour-7rc2 menu always opens to the right

Hello, with Ardour-7rc2 al menu opens to the right side even if you are near the right screen border. With 2 monitor setup, menu are half way between monitors.
This does not happens with Ardour-6.9, where, when needed, menue opens to the left.

This also happens with tooltips.

openSUSE TW, with Plasma Desktop (on Xorg)

Awful at the least…

Which is odd, since both 7.0 and 6.9 use exactly the same GTK+ version, and menus are created and placed by GTK.

Is this a NVidia card? You can configure seamless screens there. – I cannot reproduce the issue (debian/mate-desktop, intel graphics). Even when stretching Ardour’s main window across two screens, context menu correctly stays on one.

No Nvidia, Amd rx 550. I’ll try official 6.9 later. Maybe related to system libs ? 6.9 compiled for openSUSE it’s ok…

Ok tested official 6.9, same problem :frowning: Let me know if you want investigate the issue.

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