Ardour 7.2.0 sometimes not reacting to mouse clicks in OSX

The problem seems to have started with Ardour 7.2.0. Sometimes Ardour UI doesn’t react to mouse clicks. I am under the impression that sometimes it registers clicks in a wrong window. For example, I’d open the About dialog and click “Close”, but the dialog wouldn’t close. Instead, one of the existing regions would get highlighted in red.

Here’s a video showing an example of this:

It’s not reproducible every time. Sometimes I need to click the same element a couple times. Sometimes it’s stuck from the beginning.

Has anyone else seen this?

I am having similar issues on 7.2 with OSX.

When adding a new plugin, right click does nothing. Sometimes I just wait a few minutes and it starts working. Other times, I can open things but not close them (like the preferences window).

One thing that seems consistent is when I click the play loop button, it does not light up. It either does nothing, or it plays but without looping.

I’ve always had an issue with (the Linux version) where if you right click in a mixer channel to add a plugin, the context menu appears and you can select and add a plugin from the options presented, but if you then right click again to add another plug-in, nothing happens and you have to right click a third time to get the menu back again. Not sure if that’s related (or even if its intentional behaviour)

I’m wondering, is there a way to download an older version of Ardour? The download page only contains the current version. Unfortunately I can’t work with the current version because of the problem I described.

Are you running macOS Ventura (13.x)?

Looks like GTK has some issues there:

see also 0009187: Ardour doesn't react to mouse clicks about 50% of the time - MantisBT

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