Ardour 7.0 has been released

As I chose to switch from the subscription model, to a one-time $45 payment, I no longer have access to debuggable versions of Ardour, and are not able contribute bug reports on the latest build. I I’m still in possession of Ardour-7.0.pre0.2610, and can contribute bug reports based off this build.

$45 should give you access to debug builds from Please let me know if that is not the case.

Seems like all versions other than GNU/Linux x86_64 specifically are available. But that’s the one I need. I sent an email to

I am help@ardourorg :slight_smile:

The linux x86_64 build will likely be back tomorrow. The disk on the build system filled up last night (thanks, PulseAudio log messages … 190GB thereof!)


Congratulations on the release of Ardour 7.

I note that the implementation of the Cue functionality is different from Mixbus 32C in some ways: there’s 16 rows instead of 8, and it’s a separate window.

I’m also intrigued by “I/O Plugins”. I don’t see anywhere on the GUI for these, but I’m assuming this is academic at this point anyway. Would these be to support what I would call “embedded hardware plugins” like the ones built into devices like the UAD Apollo audio interfaces?

Obviously, such a thing would require software/driver support.



  1. The only difference with the Mixbus 8 cue functionality is the number of slots.

  2. I/O plugins really have nothing to do with embedded hardware plugins. They are normal plugins like the ones you would place in/on a track or bus, but they run outside of the context of tracks and busses. This gives them certain possibilities that are not possible with plugins running in a track or a bus.

That’s very odd. I’ve just launched another old project and found the Cue is inline, as I was expecting. But I have a project where it always opens a new window.



That’d be Menu > Window > I/O Plugins.

The main motivation is to provide additional I/O. Notably network streams via NDI. Since the feature was made for an Ardour derivative: Mixbus VBM - Harrison Audio Consoles I would no call it academic. However integration in Ardour is not yet completely fleshed out, but some of work has already been done for 7.1.

I/O Plugins can serve as alternative to external applications that one would otherwise be connected as JACK application. Another application would be to use them as input pre-processor.

More info can be found in the Ardour Manual.

In that case I have completely misunderstood what these are. Thanks for the info.

NDI looks interesting. I may need to follow up on that.

I’m still confused why this one project opens the Cue screen in a new window.



All four of the “tab” (Rec, Edit, Cue, Mix) can either be attached to a single window or detached, according to the user’s wishes. Right click on the relevant button to attach/detach it. You must have (accidentally, I assume) detached it at some point.

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Thanks for Ardour 7.0.

The STEM export for MIDI files is a real big help and relief. The CUE function takes a little getting used to, but it’s really, really great. This is worth a donation to me. Thank you Paul…

It has already been mentioned here that the time display does not work with a sample rate of 96 khz in new projects. It doesn’t work for me either. But, in the next update it will work.

Paul . . Many Thanks.

What do you mean with “still”? It works reliably in Ardour 6.9.

There was however a bug in 7.0.0 which is now fixed since 7.0.46.

Thanks guys for your great job. I’m still using 6.9, and don’t think the clips funcionality are for me, but I’ll have to give it a try.

Having had a play with this in Mixbus, I found the clips launching from the Cue page too limiting and confusing. However, adding clips using Cue markers on the timeline was very useful for building up a song, especially with drum parts.



Congratulations. A year isn’t that long between major releases.

It was a year between 6.9 and 7.0, but almost 2.5 years between major versions 6.0 and 7.0 :wink:

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This is absolutely brilliant and fantastic, Paul. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been waiting for this for probably over a decade.

I have one question: Are all the clips still loaded into ram, or is it now more of a buffering from disk system? Just so that I can be prepared when I download and set up.

Loaded into RAM. Streaming for disk for this sort of thing is so 2003 :slight_smile:

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A gold is bоrning inside the bug-fixing fire!! Epic power! THANKS TO DEVS! :alien:

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Congrats. Good work everyone. :pray: