Ardour 6 [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin

I’ve installed Ardour 6 from software center.
And wanted to add CALF plugins, when ever I try to load any of Calf plugin I’ve got this :
The plugin “Calf Multiband Gate” could not be loaded
See the Log window for more details (maybe)
The log window show : [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin

Any ideas how to fix that ?
I am using POP OS (based on Ubuntu)
Thank you

Well as much as I don’t suggest using CALF, a few things.

  1. Can you load them in the demo version from this website?

  2. Can you load the plugins in any ot her software?


I just installed Ardour 5.12 to check, and Calf plugins works perfectly.
I can’t find demo version, I can see option either to have source code or download full Ardour 6 program.

The choice for the free/demo version or “pay something” comes later in the process.

In general, if you have problems with Ardour obtained from a Linux distribution, please do not ask us for support. You need to talk to the packagers/support mechanisms for that distribution. We cannot support their builds, even if we wanted to. Most distributions make build and packaging mistakes (some subtle, some substantial).