Ardour 4.0 released

why does ardor have no sound this is really pissing me off, ardor is a waste of money.

If Ardour has no sound, there is something wrong with your setup outside of Ardour. I have tested many versions of Ardour dating back to version 2.8 on a half dozen computers with different sound cards, both internal and external. I have never encountered an instance of Ardour not producing sound. Furthermore, your coarse language and crude remark about Ardour’s value are off-putting. If you need help, might I suggest you follow the recommendations outlined in the “Support” section of this website? You probably didn’t see it. The link is in the same banner that houses the proper spelling of the program’s name.

@betakid: Ardour is a bit like a combination of studio mixing console and multitrack recording machine. Imagine such a combination in a professional studio with analogue units, the cables, the switches etc. You might not expect to make such a unit run and deal with it completely in 2 minutes like you might do it with a small simple hifi box… :slight_smile:

does it work on ubuntu 16.04?? I downloaded it but can’t get it running…?? Thanks if you can help

@Soileh Yes it does work, however you will likely have to do some work in Ubuntu to get it working. For instance Pulseaudio usually grabs control of your audio device on Ubuntu, so you have to suspend it in order for Jack, or I believe the ALSA backend as well, to work. This is just one example of possible issues, you would need to provide more information than you just can’t get it running to get help though. I would suggest the IRC channel (Link at the bottom of this page) for a great resource for more realtime help.

@Soileh if you want to use 16.04, add the KXStudio repos and install all the relevant files from them, then use cadence with all the bridge/loops enabled, and everything should work well.