Ardour 3 midi editing - frustrating is an understatement

I see that Ardour also allows you select a group of notes (either by shift-click or by drawing a box around them) and then raising or lowering the velocity of all notes relative to the starting position of each. (I see one cannot select notes by both methods at the same time which could be useful - i.e. select multiple regions by shift-boxing). Ardour3 does give you control over each note, at least the velocity which I think is the main way to control volume. Seems like altering the volume with Volume CC is defeating the point of velocity-based samples, ie. the fact that instruments like the piano have different timbre’s at different volumes. I also recording piano pieces from live play and edit the midi with Ardour. Note level editing is intrinsically tedious though I’m finding the latest Ardour3 works fairly well for this kind of editing. I do not do a lot of edits, but remove the odd wrong note or adjust a velocity. As is normal with recording, a good take is far superior to trying to fix a sub-par performance with editing.

yes. we do need the extra automation lane.