Ardour 3 Beta 5 Released

Ardour3 supports instrument/synth plugins. Using Linux VSTi’s is supported by our own builds. You cannot use Windows VSTi’s without a special build of Ardour that provides a Windows emulation environment - our own builds do not do this, but if you wanted to go to a lot of work you could do it yourself. A few specialized Linux distributions have made such builds of Ardour3 available.

Using plugins written for one operating system (Windows) on another (Linux) is deeply dark magic, and should really be discouraged as much as possible. We know that there are many plugins that work OK like this, and that for many people, their dependence on Windows VST plugins makes it hard for them to move away from Windows software. Even so, if you really reliant on Windows VST plugins, you should consider using Windows as the platform to run them, and if not that, then a Windows program (such as Reaper) run under Wine. There is no good solution for this, other than convincing more plugin developers to make their tools available on Linux (which the Linux VST idea makes pretty easy for them).

can u use vsti in Ardour

@profundo: thanks very much for the feedback. however, please don’t report bugs on these forums - its really useless and a bit counter-productive. the bug tracker is there for that. see also

Great improvement in handling and workflow. Crashes occured when trying to remove audio-midi tracks.

Hi All
I have managed to re install 64studio
When I run this I get:

Tue Nov 27 19:12:31 GMT 2012
Architecture is x86_64
Checking for required disk space
Unpacking bundle for x86_64

!!! ERROR !!! Can’t locate x86_64 bundle file.

Press ENTER to exit installer:

Any way of installing?

This for Alpha 5

4 is working fine now


forget 64 studio! use a contemporary distro!

You’re right about 64studio being left well behind.
I tried it, got nowhere, replaced it with AVLinux and never looked back.
Dreamstudio probably won’t disappoint either, but I haven’t needed to try it. And it is currently being maintained and developed.

I’m sure Ardour could be made to run on 64studio, but frankly it’s not worth the effort.

AVLinux is the best to just try,

then theres DreamStudio, a fantastic distro, kx studio and many more…

Hi Paul
Its 64studio beta 3 I think
seems to have been left well behind re updates.
Is there an alternative distro as 64studio has been put out to grass.
It’s a shame been using it for years.
Anyway of getting Ardour to run?


@wavesound: i have no idea what your question really means. ardour runs on just about every linux distribution. if you have a specific problem, explain it.

The downloads aren’t working (page not found error).

the beta5 releases have been removed because they are too old to be useful for testing. 3.0 will be released shortly.