Ardour 3 Beta 4a Released

Benjamin: that’s correct. 3.0 will not feature MIDI export. The fact that the operation is easy to implement doesn’t change the fact that providing a GUI for it is complex. But you never now, maybe I will relent. It certainly does seem like a somewhat important feature.

Exciting stuff! I’ll push the news to diaspora.

Oh, man. You guys are great! Without a doubt, Ardour3 is going to be a stellar release. I’ve had great success with beta3 so far and I can’t wait to try beta4. Thanks for investing time in making the BCF2000 work out-of-the-box.

Paul: Thanks for your answer. I respect the decision and can live without midi export a while longer, but I fear reviews in audio magazines / news sites / blogs could become a bit awkward if they focuse on midi features in 3.0.

@Benjamin: OK, its there now :slight_smile: No doubt a bit of polishing is needed.

Great news! Can’t wait to try it out. As soon as my financial situation is sorted, I will start donating again also.

This program is fantastic! At last it works!
(The group volume will be equivalent to what?
And the undo history just a few steps can be undone.)

you should add microwsoft Windows os i ues Windows and not mac or Linux

Huzzah! Keep it up Paul and the rest of the team!

Ardour should have the right to use vsti

As a SSL Matrix owner Ipmidi support and anything else thrown in to facilitate SSL control surfaces would be outstanding, and hopefully implemented in the next release of Mixbus.

The next MAJOR release of Mixbus will likely incorporate the changes from A3, which will include the ipMIDI support as done for the SSL Nucleus. The SSL Matrix hasn’t been tested to my knowledge but the Nucleus a unit was sent from SSL to implement support for.


@xiha: “3.1.1” is not a version of JACK. And this is not where you should report bugs. Use the track ( for that.

In addition, this forum thread is about 3.0 beta 4a. The most recent beta release of 3.0 is beta5, so you should at least be testing that version.

I seem to have the same problem as reported by mrmjb on Tue, 2012-07-03 07:16. At least, the symptoms are exactly as described.

My jack version is 3.1.1. Distro is Mint 9 Isadora. I had to disable the ‘realtime’ option: when it was enabled the program crashed at boot, but that may be to do with not having the right kernel - mine is 2.6.32-32-generic. (?)