Ardour 3.5 doesn't start

How do you run it in english, when it won’t start?

Excuse me for the Echo above, I don’t know why it does that…

Disregard the Echo comment…

I seem to get an “echo”, a repetition of the top line in the Preview window.

It doesn’t show when I post it tho.
Very strange…

Thanks Paul.

Ralf: I simply renamed the appropriate /opt/Ardour-3.5.14/share/locale/xx directory into something else and Ardour now starts up normally.

sudo mv /opt/Ardour-3.5.14-dbg/share/locale/it /opt/Ardour-3.5.14-dbg/share/locale/itold

It worked, and actually I like the english version more :wink:


The fuller explanation of all this is that our translations have “rotted” and ended up included incorrect “fuzzy translations” such as (english) “MTC in” = (other language) “MTC”. This led to things that are supposed to have unique names not having unique names, which then triggered other errors, which then caused a crash.

It would be great if people would actively keep our translations current. At the moment only .de, .ru and occasionally .cz get regular attention.

I was actually looking if the “gulty” files were simple txt files to edit, but that’s not the case, I can’t open them with gedit, for example. I can’t garantee a regular work, as I don’t even know the actual entity of that, but I can try (Italian).

puppet: the source code file TRANSLATORS:

Ok. got it.

But I’m on 3.4 right now so I’ll probably just wait for the fix.

Nice to know it’s working tho.

And thanks for the reply.