Ardour 3.0 is released

Woooow!!! Incredible!!! Long live ardour!

Just done two days of recording a band with Ardour 3. Not a single crash or xrun, and it’s amazing how much difference a small change like Ctrl/S to save current session helps (it used to be the snapshot key).
There’s a small problem with the editor window not updating correctly when I delete a track. It happened mid-session and I’m waiting for time to to experiment and define a minimal recipe for reproducing the fault in case it hasn’t been reported yet. The only other problems I had were due to not knowing how things work, partly due to incomplete documentation but some of it because I simply haven’t learnt anything like all of it, and some of it is different from A2.

Very pleased with it so far. Thanks Paul and the rest of the team.

anahata: I second the problems with deleting tracks, but I also had no time to reproduce it reliably yet.