Ardour: 20th birthday

Happy 20th and New Year. A great read and I’m glad that you started this and have found other people that share your passion. I have been using Ardour since version 4.7.
Can’t wait to see what the next 20 yrs will be like!

Happy 20 and sincere congrats!!

It’s been such a pleasure to watch the project grow and improve! It’s been an absolute pleasure to use (and promote) this fine work for much of that 20 years although all of it is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the herculean amount of work invested by Paul, Robin and those many others. Again a very sincere thanks and happy birthday!

I had to laugh at the irony of Paul wanting to be a farmer and in a much smaller sense myself as a farmer wanting to be a Linux developer (we both fell short!.. :laughing:). @paul many of us are very grateful your considerable gifts stayed in a field of a different type!


Thanks Paul, for Ardour and the story.

Never underestimate the lifespan of a useful program. Some of the tools I use on a daily basis I wrote 30 years ago…

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thanks for the wonderful read and software, great to get an insight into its realization. to another 20 years!

I’m relatively new to the Ardour scene in that I think I installed it the first time about two years ago while looking for a setup to play midi files as backing tracks for our church. The first time I loaded it up, I literally knew nothing about it and probably only played with it for a couple of minutes before going back to Rosegarden…

About a year ago, our church purchased a digital out for our Soundcraft Expression Si 2 console and out of curiosity, hooked it up to see if it would even work with my Linux box. To my great surprise, I didn’t just get a 2 channel stereo mix but all 32 outputs! After playing with several different audio programs, I came back to Ardour and stuck with it long enough to get everything working. I was surprised by just how flexible and powerful it actually was. I began scheming and over the course of 6 months, transitioned from mixing on our soundboard to mixing live through Ardour itself. The ability to see and manipulate the plugins like gates, compressors and EQ was so much better than what I could do on my console. We now use Ardour weekly for our services both to live mix and to feed to OBS for streaming. I am still learning a lot and every time I find a new feature, I’m just blown away with how great of a program this is.

All of this to say, thank you for your hard work. As I continue to learn and grow in audio/tech, I look forward to being able to share with other churches that are on limited budgets how powerful of a system they can put together.

Your work and dedication is greatly appreciated!

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Hello! First post! After 4 years of making electronic music in Windows Seven, I have left Windows altogether in late 2019, and am running Ubuntu Studio and Ardour. I don’t know where to start or what to ask. So far I have worked out how to make and export a synth track, and how to make a beat in Hydrogen. But I have not connected Hydrogen to Ardour. [I know that other people have already asked how to do that]

I do everything in the box. I also don’t know which midi keyboards would work with Linux. 20 years? I have been using Ardour for a few days. Yes, I wish to add the thanks of other users for 20 years of hard work.

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Happy 20th and congrats!

I love Ardour and have used it since the early 2000’s. As a Linux user, it wasn’t always easy to produce music on Linux, and your project has been a very important aspect of allowing me to use Linux as my daw.

Great work and keep it up!

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I’ve been paying for Harrison Mixbus for a few years, not sure why I didn’t subscribe to Ardour before. Oh well, never too late, I guess.

Thank you so much for all your efforts, Paul. :heart:

Howdy Paul! Love Ardour for what little time I’ve spent on it. I’ve been using Pro Tools and Logic Pro for a long time looking forward to eventually replacing them with Ardour. Bit concerned that Harrison Mixbus seems to have borrowed from it and profiting from it :frowning:
I’ll keep playing with it and trying out new features as they’re added. Will it always only be Jack controlled in Linux or stand alone capable in the future like Pro Tools or Logic Pro in Mac OS or for that matter like Audacity does in Linux.

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Ardour benefits significantly from Harrison’s involvement. It’s a healthy collaboration, and most Mixbus features are developed in Ardour. It’s a win-win. Harrisonconsoles are not the only one, Waves Tracks is/was another Ardour derivative…

It was probably some time since last you tried it. We’ve come a long way:

JACK has been optional since Ardour 3.5 (Oct 2013). Ardour supports CoreAudio directly on MacOS (and direct ALSA or Pulse on Linux, and ASIO on Windows). In fact we recommend to use the native sound-system unless you have a very good reason to use JACK (which is still possible on all OS).

I suggest you try a it, perhaps give it a spin on macOS before heading to GNU/Linux.


Am I weird for thinking that Waves did rather a good job on the updated GUI part? I also enjoyed the keyboard lock feature after hitting record. Good for critical concert recordings :wink:

I’ll give it a try on mac though I am wanting to build a classic setup with linux. I used to have a Tascam 3800 series board that I loved and hope to find again. Haven’t decided on the I/O weather simple with a couple M-Audio 1010s, Digram or Audio Sciences cards which all seem to be capable under alsa. Don’t mind using jack, plenty experience.

This was a great read and it was very encouraging and inspiring. Thank you Paul Davis, Robin Gareous, and everyone that contributed to this great DAW and Linux audio plugins :slight_smile: I enjoy using Ardour more than when I used Pro Tools and Logic, which I use from time to time but I’ve transitioned to Ardour since I became a Linux user last year. I even installed it on my Mac and Windows computers when I have to use them since I enjoy using a DAW that will work on any computer OS.

Happy birthday !

I use Ardour every week and record all my work with it since 10 years…
A great DAW, and a great team…

Un grand “merci” de France and “Bravo” Paul and Everybody

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Wonderful story ! fantastic software !

I discovered the existence of Ardour in 2003 …started to use it in 2005 … what an evolution since those days …

Since the age of 14 I have always dreamed of using such software and you did it ! …

CONGRATULATIONS :clap: :clap: :100: :gift_heart: