Ardour 2.4 released

A respectable list of new features, many small improvements and an important set of bug fixes make up the news for this one. Package maintainers should please take note of the filetype icons and desktop files. teletext holidays - lanzarote weather

the last bug you mentioned is already fixed in svn.
to change all tracks at once: shift-ctrl-click a track control header to select all tracks, then go to Track -> Height ->
other parts of your idea make sense.
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I think another useful feature would be a menu item/keyboard shortcut to maximize/minimize the height of all tracks in the editor window - or perhaps to toggle between the current view and a view where all the track heights are minimized or at least as small as possible while still keeping the waveforms visible.


Well 2.5 will just add features, I don’t think there are any bugs to fix for now.

Excellent new release. Great work. Cheap Softball Bats

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Awesome, I have been waiting quire some time for the update.

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