Any font size and/or gui scaling changes recently?

Hi there
Is it my system going crazy or were there recently any changes to the default gui scaling/ font size in Ardour?
I’m Arch user and there were some Ardour upgrades from 5.12-11 to 5.12-12 and to 5.12.13 in last days - I’m not sure that it caused the issue, but now fonts and some gui elements are much bigger than before.
Edit>Preferences>Appearance>GUI and font scaling shows 100%. Lowering that value makes look Ardour kind of similar to what it was, but not quite.

Has the desktop default font changed? Ardour’s GUI is scaled relative to that (assuming your desktop provides info that gtk2 can pick up).

Hmm I dont know anything about that. But maybe I changed it accidentally somehow (but then, I didn’t notice any major changes in how other programs look like). I’ll investigate further in this direction.

Maybe grab a binary from This can be installed in parallel to distro versions (goes to /opt/) and double-check to rule out distro specific issues.

Ok so nightly build looks normal (same font sizes as before) while “distro” install has this magnified fonts/buttons. Does this means that there’s something wrong with Arch package?

Could it be related to this: Font changed to ugly serif-mono. (go to the end of the thread.)

I use Arch and can confirm this. It started with the Arch package 5.12-12. Within a couple of days that was updated to 5.12-13 to fix a bug with the built-in Ardour plugins, but the scaling issue remained.

I’ve reported this as a bug. On my system I can get the Ardour GUI back to what it was like in 5.12-11 except the clock font, which is too small.

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