Acoustic Mic Suggestion?

I have a Neumann TLM 103 but I find that the super cheap Studio Projects B1 does a comparable job on acoustic guitar, if not as good.


To record a classic guitar I’d use 2 mics: one aiming the union between body and neck (a little higher) and the other one aiming the body where the string starts.
2 (small) diaphragm condenser mics, cardioid.

If you have 2 more mics and a good sounding room add a stereo pair higher and separated from the guitar.
The mixing of both will give you the EQ.

I’v also recordes nylon strings guitar only with one mike, using an (small) omni clipped on the hole, both inside (with a bass filter) or outside. Better if you combine it withe an external mike aiming the top part where start the strings.

New strings and a good guitar player … if possible.

And … listen.